Counter Timer Tacho Clocks


  • Two inputs
  • Dual displays
  • Models for:
    • Intrinsically safe Ex i applications
    • Ex nA Zone 2 applications
    • Field and panel mounting
  • Three year guarantee


  • Backlight
  • Alarms
  • 4-20mA output
  • Pipe mounting kits
  • Scale and tagging

This unique range of counter, timer, tachometer & clocks is primarily intended for use in hazardous areas, although the instruments have many general purpose applications. In addition to pulse counting and time interval measurement or control, the instruments can display rotational speed and position from a transducer with a quadrature output. They can be supplied ready to install with customer specified calibration, scale and tagging.

Intrinsically Safe
Field Mounting
Intrinsically Safe
Panel Mounting
Type nL
Field Mounting

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