Digital Advisor Panel Meters


  • High quality LED display with adjustable brilliance
  • IP65 sealed easy to clean front panel
  • Models for:
    • Process current and voltage inputs
    • RTD and thermocouple inputs
    • Powered by 24V dc; 115V or 230V ac
  • Three year guarantee


  • Alarms
  • Transmitter power supply
  • Transducer power supply
  • Retransmitted output

These high quality UK manufactured general purpose digital panel meters, which feature high brightness LED displays, have a metal enclosure with an IP65 sealed front panel. Models are available with process voltage and current inputs and for temperature measurement using a resistance thermometer or thermocouple.

Meters are supplied calibrated to customer's requirement and for easy on-site labelling, a pre-printed set of scale labels containing most common units of measurement is provided.

General purpose
process input
fixed range
General purpose
process input
universal range
General purpose
temperature measurement
RTD input
General purpose
temperature measurement
thermocouple input

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